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cure diabetesevery day the world grows the number of people who have diabetes. Many of affected patients are trying to find a way for complete recovery. In nature, in the animal world, there is no such disease. That is why leading experts believe that it's an acquired disease of mankind, which is caused by two reasons:


due to the ever increasing number of patients, proportionally increases and the variety of charlatans that promise complete cure from diabetes. However, today in the world there is no development, which would completely get rid of all the unpleasant symptoms of the disease. And no person who is completely cured from diabetes. Unscrupulous scammers are fraudulently served insulin-dependent people hope, offering a variety of options for healing. In the ads in the media, as well as on niche sites you can see unusual techniques: from simple starvation before treatment of human biorhythms, ostensibly relieving from disease. Also describes a lot of cases of cure from diabetes 1 type. But it's all false rumors.

Such expressions as "cure diabetes" in principle can not be, because modern medicine is, unfortunately, not yet reached a level and capability, when it would be possible to speak about full healing.


Cases cure of diabetes type 1, and was cured anyone?

Everyone strives to be fully healthy. Diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2 is among the few diseases to get rid of that impossible. Despite a long history the appearance of the first cases of insulin deficiency, the cure is still not found.

In the Internet quite often you can find messages that have already been known to cure type 1 diabetes. This information is false. Diabetes is neither the first type nor the second cure is not yet possible.

what can make modern physicians is to encourage continuous compliance with the necessary requirements. With the right lifestyle and a special diet that excludes many foods, the life of the patient with diabetes mellitus you can make it closer to normal, with asymptomatic manifestations.

Competent prevention and special rules are particularly helpful to patients with the second type of diabetes, i.e. those who are not insulin dependent. To treat this disease require an integrated approach involving not only one or two professionals. Can't hope for a miracle and wait for complete cure of diabetes. All sick should be remembered that this disease can be kept under control, preventing it from further development.

unfortunately, the only option that gives you the opportunity to lead a normal life, is the constant maintenance of blood sugar levels by adhering to a special diet.