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cure diabetes mellitus type 1Very often many patients and their immediate relatives and close friends are interested in a cure diabetes type 1 or not? In order to give a clear answer to the question, it is necessary to completely stop paying any attention to the majority of rumors, fictions, articles appearing in the so-called "yellow journals," and just think about it.

type 1 Diabetes, also called diabetes young people diabetes or thin, is associated with a complete lack of insulin in our blood. Curable this process? The causes of this disease consist in the extinction of the beta cells which are located in our pancreas and they, in turn, secrete necessary insulin. This process is caused by various factors that are constantly taking place in our organism, it follows that they should be treated by different methods. In order to properly determine how effective methods are selected for treatment, and is there a cure for type 1 diabetes, we must find objective ways to validate them. First, you must figure out whether personalized medicine to deliver you completely from this unfortunate disease, or they just give some the opportunity to achieve direct compensation.

for each Available method for measuring blood sugar content using conventional glucometer simple, however, this operation should be carried out regularly, as the level of sugar in the blood can vary for several days. If there is no strict diet on the background of the chosen treatment, then the tagging of sugar in the blood will be a 5.4 on an empty stomach and 7.7 after eating. This does not mean that diabetes type 1 is curable, but the patient still managed to pick up his body to the magic elixir that gradually stabilizes the disease.

the best way to check is the daily monitoring of sugar in your blood, which should be compared with a very complex classification. The second important validation method - with the most serious examination - analysis of glycated, or glycosylated hemoglobin, which will show how varied the condition of sugar in your blood over the past three months. To be tested must 1 time per 3 months.