Zucchini with diabetes

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squash diabetesa Fairly common and complex disease is diabetes mellitus. This is a disease that requires particular attention: the timely medication, and restricted diet. People suffering from this disease are often prescribed a special diet. The diet includes only those foods which contain minimal amount of sugar, and vegetables, of course, play a very important role. This products such as: cabbage, artichoke, eggplant, carrots, greens, etc. From a number of it is possible to allocate the zucchini because they have a high content of essential diabetics tartronovoj acids and other nutrients, such as pectin.

Useful substance - tartronovaya acid strengthens blood vessels and prevents the appearance of stenosis (narrowing of the arteries), which is very dangerous in diabetes mellitus. And pectin that is contained in the zucchini, significantly reduces the ever-growing level of glucose in the blood, but the insulin level remains the same. In addition, the pectin reduces the level of cholesterol that can form plaque on the walls of blood vessels and impede circulation. In addition, this vegetable contains vitamins b, carotene, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), iron, calcium. The b vitamins contained in the zucchini, reduce the risk of diseases of the nervous system (neuropathy). This is important because neuropathy is a consequence of diabetes. In combination with other trace elements including mineral salts, potassium, these substances have a positive effect on the body of the diabetic.

dishes from vegetable marrows with diabetesZucchini with diabetes can be consumed in any form, but watch out for the combination with other products. Very useful vegetable salad, which will include in addition to zucchini and other vegetables containing pectin, calcium, potassium. Calcium is indispensable, because in this disease the bone tissue is more susceptible to destruction by reducing insulin levels, which is directly involved in bone formation. Potassium is needed for utilization of sugar.

Any dish of zucchini is a necessary part of the diet suffering from diabetes person. They are easy to cook, they are easy to digest and rid the body of harmful salts, normalize the water-salt metabolism. Plus help cleanse the blood. For this reason, the physician prescribing the treatment and diet will definitely include in the diet squashes and other products of a similar nature.