Cough diabetes



cough diabetesthe Dangers of cough in diabetes mellitus

the Cough is at first glance may seem far-fetched problem, not worthy of special attention, but it is only healthy people, but in the case of patients with diabetes is important. With this disease things can not be!

the beliefs of scientists, sick people such as colds coughs can lead to serious complications, in some cases life-threatening.

mostly diabetes mellitus causes a significant negative change in the immune system of the human body, and consequently the weakening of its protective properties. Because of this, people with diabetes significantly more often from infectious diseases in General, and colds in particular.

Due to lower resistance of the immune system the disease process become protracted and in most cases becomes chronic. What can we say about the complications: bronchitis, sinusitis and pneumonia. Therefore, for diabetic patients even at the slightest sign of a cough, a very important point is the timely treatment of the patient to the doctor and, if necessary, immediate administration of antibiotics.


is There a way out?

first, at the first sign of a cough just will require more frequent and rigorous self-monitor blood glucose at least 5 times/day, in critical situations - every 2 hours.

secondly, if there is suspicion of ketoacidosis, should be mandatory to provide a urine sample for the presence of acetone. This will help to timely take the required action.

third, it is important to remember one rule - if the body temperature above 37.5, then with every increase of 1 degree the daily requirement for insulin should be increased by 1/4 part.

fourthly, drinking plenty of fluids can help the patient with diabetes mellitus to avoid a sharp deterioration in health.

Fifth item: the medicine must not contain sweeteners, especially sugar. This rule applies primarily, drops, syrups and medicines. Syrups, in the majority, and so does not contain neither sugar nor alcohol. They are very effective as an expectorant and remedy for the treatment of dry cough in people with diabetes.

the Syrups possess spasmolytic and mucolytic effect, improve breathing and soothe the urge to cough. In the case when the cough turned productive "stage", with expectoration, syrups dissolve viscous mucus secreted bronchi, facilitate expectoration and contribute to the rapid removal of mucus.