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Glucose meters - devices intended to determine the amount of glucose in fresh cappilary blood. Manufacturers of blood glucose meters ensure lasting high quality device for very little money.


Check glucometer with control solution

blood glucose Meter IME-DC IME-DCglucometer IME-DC, produced by the German company promises to serve the buyer efficiently and long time. LCD display easy to read what it represented, and the accuracy of the data is equal to 96% is almost perfect. However, everything has the ability to break down. And even this meter is no exception. At least once a week, the unit must be checked for accuracy using a control solution. Control solution for blood glucose meter IME-DC, provided by the manufacturer. This aqueous solution with glucose, the composition of which is similar to the composition of the blood. But the difference between the blood and the solution for blood glucose meter in their properties, so there may be slight variations and discrepancies in the data. The results should show the device when the checking of the solution depicted on the package with test strips. In the package with a solution from the company that produces blood glucose meter IME-DC, is two bottles of solution for glucose meters - one conventional and the second with high glucose concentration.

the Control solution to check meterGlucometer Accu Chek Go, as well as other models of glucose meters, needs to be tested with a control solution for glucometers. The solution is used for glucose meters with test strips. After the inspection, it is necessary to compare the results with the permissible value specified on the vial of test strips. Control solution for blood glucose meter sold separately from the device and in order to order it, you must contact the representative of the trading company.

the Amount of solution for glucometer Ultra One Touch has a capacity of 75 checks on the glucometer. As in other cases, the solution must be used together with test strips of the same manufacturer.

so, as you understand, the control solution is used to check glucose meters is an integral part of the operation of the device. To inspect the meter in case you are not sure of the accuracy of the readings. If the readings are somewhat at variance with the testimony that should be normal, and indicated on the packaging of the bottle with test strips - do not panic, as the content of glucose in blood and aqueous solution are different, and their properties are different, so small differences with the above data are indicative of the malfunction of the meter.