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blood glucose meter diabetesEvent for the control and self-monitoring in diabetes mellitus are especially important because the stabilization of the body it is necessary to track how the indicators comply with the regulatory body. On the basis of these indicators one is able to determine what events should be held.

the Most important indicators are sugar levels and blood lipid and blood pressure.

the Most well-known indicator is, of course, sugar. Any patient with diabetes should monitor it regularly, either alone or in medical facilities.

the Initial stage of diabetes allows for such monitoring every month for insulin-treated patient is desirable daily measurement of blood glucose, since this rate depends on the dosage of insulin, and acceptable physical exercise and adjustments in the diet. Additional control measurements should also be performed when changes in the normal lifestyle changes in sports, travel, occurrence of diseases. To determine the level of sugar in blood can based on the assessment of indications of specialized test strips: either visually, by comparing with the scale pattern, or using a portable handheld blood glucose meters.

the Content of lipids in the blood is of particular relevance for people with diabetes of the second type, because when it accompanies obesity appears more often and has a major influence on the formation of the disease. This contingent have observed to control or self-control on a weekly basis, optimally - specialized portable device with extended range capabilities - biochemical analyzer. It allows you to control how sugar and lipids - cholesterol and triglyceride lipids. An increase in the content of lipids in the blood signals the need for a more strict diet.

Measurements of blood pressure, the patient can conduct yourself several times a day. Measurement of this indicator has value mainly in diabetes mellitus of the second type, because this contingent is prone to arterial hypertension, which is critical in vascular diseases. Blood pressure optimally should not exceed the limits of the standard 140/90 mm Hg. art.

test strips diabetesthe Laboratory is also necessary to monitor a number of indicators:

- the control for glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) - every 3-4 months;

- the content of glucose in the urine - monthly;

- the level of protein in the urine - monthly. This indicator is important to prevent the complications of diabetes - diabetic nephropathy;

- the presence in the urine ketone bodies.

the Latter figure can be tracked independently using the test strips.

in compliance With control activities and self-control, and careful analysis can properly adjust the diet and lifestyle of the patient, significantly simplifying the treatment.