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Lack of glycerine arising as a result of genetic and exogenous factors, provokes a state of chronic hyperglycemia, that is typically for diabetics. The correct diet, exclusion, selectivity, or reduce the consumption of certain products reduces the level of sugar in the blood, significantly improves the health of people with diabetes.


Restrictions - it's not taboo, and rational approach to nutrition

Limitations diabetesPractitioners argue that the use of medications is not required in every third case, if a person will not overeat, will limit excessive ingestion of easily digestible carbohydrates and fats. Balance your diet - this does not mean give up your favorite foods, often they just need something different to cook.

for Example, lean meat or poultry fish boiled (100-150 grams) you can eat daily. Garnish can be buckwheat, oatmeal, in smaller amounts rice, millet and pearl barley. You should also minimize the consumption of monkey, bean and pasta made of white flour (soft wheat). In the diet of the patient may consist of approximately 200 g of black or diabetic bread, buns and white bread it is desirable to limit.

To prepare classic soups and the soup is better to use vegetables, low fish or meat broths should not appear on the table no more than twice a week. Almost all the greens and vegetables you can eat in any quantity in a raw, baked or boiled, restrictions apply only potatoes, carrots and beets, daily intake of 200 grams. About the same: 200 to 300 grams to eat sweet and sour varieties of fruits and berries. With the exception of bananas, raisins, grapes.

To 200 g of cottage cheese per day is recommended to consume daily, yogurt or kefir you can drink 1-2 cups a day. Herbal teas, dogrose, juices from berries or fruit as well as green tea or weak coffee (with milk) is also allowed.


is Contraindicated for people taking care of their health

Contraindications, restrictions for diabetesAlong with the fact that the diabetics can be rich, delicious and diverse, there are dishes, which are illegal to use. This applies to foods containing many fats and carbohydrates. This category includes cooking fats and Margarines, lard or mutton fat, regardless of whether they are included into the composition of sweet or puff pastry or fried foods: meat, fish, vegetables.

you Should abstain from all fat meats, but this meat goose, duck, pork. Sausages and smoked meats, preserves, canned goods - it is forbidden snacks. Marinades and pickles, and this also applies to fish, and vegetables, which can harm and worsen the condition of the patient. You should also reconsider its attitude towards salty and spicy sauces, mayonnaise, seasonings, abandoning of harmful products.

a Separate category of forbidden foods are sweets and desserts. Should strictly exclude confectionery: chocolate creams, puffs and cakes, rich ice cream, cream, candy. Very caution should be taken to milk, in particular to dairy soups. There is no doubt that people suffering from diabetes, contraindicated any alcoholic beverages.