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Rowan tincture diabetesMost of the digestive disorders associated with diabetes, occurs because of impaired metabolism (fat and carbohydrate).

Why do I get constipated?

When not on a diet and abuse of spicy and fatty food, an imbalance occurs in the intestine. Some medications prescribed by your doctor, add your "side effects". As a result, you may receive a delicate problem - constipation. The situation is unpleasant, requiring active steps to resolve it. The enemas don't have to live, so as they say - "better to prevent than to cure". Observing not complicated recommendations you can forget about the constipation diabetes.

If the bowel is not clean, the food begins to putrefy and release toxins. Occurs the imbalance, the good bacteria die. Therefore, you first need to conduct a comprehensive cleansing of the body. Why integrated? Simple cleansing of the bowel will only lead to short-term positive effect. Because slagging other organs, he will become clogged very quickly. So be sure to purify the liver, kidneys and other organs. When running the form it is better to consult a doctor, he will prescribe a program of cleansing.


Folk remedies to cleanse the bowels with diabetes

Make it a habit, morning after brushing to drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach. Systematic stimulation of the body with water useful.

Drink a tablespoon of vegetable oil on an empty stomach.

half a glass of warm sauerkraut juice also has mild laxative and cleansing for constipation.

flax seeds in diabetes mellitusPour two cups of dried plums by liter of spring water. Insist all night. In the morning squeeze the soaked fruits and on an empty stomach drink one glass infused with "drugs".

Strong laxative effect for constipation in patients with diabetes mellitus has Rowan tincture. Cook it is not difficult at home. Red berries are harvested before the frosts. Placed on the bottom of the jar a layer of berries, layer of sugar, and so alternating to the top. The neck tie gauze and put in the sun. Berries will give the juice, the sugar syrup will turn out.

Further the Bank needs three weeks to store in a dark place, avoiding fermentation. As the time will come, berry squeeze. Strain the syrup and add the alcohol or vodka, at the rate of 50 grams per liter. Take in the morning, one tablespoon on an empty stomach.

for chronic constipation In people suffering from diabetes will help the infusion of Flaxseed. The seed can be bought in the pharmacy. A teaspoon pour a glass of boiling water, insist 5 hours and drink at bedtime along with the seeds.