Congenital diabetes mellitus

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congenital diabetesdiabetes Congenital is a diabetes type 1, also called insulin dependent. Due to this type of diabetes is genetic predisposition. In congenital diabetes, the pancreas can not produce insulin. As a result, the blood sugar rises, which has a destructive effect on the kidneys, nerves, blood vessels and other organs. People who suffer congenital diabetes require insulin injections every day. Careful self-monitoring of blood sugar, regular exercise and diet is very important for treatment.

the Causes of this type of disease is a combination of several factors, including genetic predisposition. Some scientists believe that the aggravating factors are trauma, viral infections, triggering pathological mechanisms of the immune response, whereby cells in the pancreas that produce insulin, are destroyed.

As a rule, congenital diabetes develops in childhood. It should be noted that he does not respond to therapy, however, it can be kept under control by injections of insulin each day. This disease affects almost all organs.

the Symptoms of congenital diabetes are: thirst, rapid weight loss, frequent urination, fatigue and weakness, irritability, vomiting. Congenital diabetes can lead to the following consequences:


it is Worth noting, if congenital diabetes is left untreated, there is a risk of fatal outcome.