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Meter is a device for individual use that allows you to monitor the level of glucose in the human body. The concept of the unit "meter" also includes test strips and lancets for blood sampling. Each component of the device is designed for a specific function. It is not surprising that each of them must meet certain requirements. On how they are convenient in operation, satisfy the claims of users, and depends on rating of glucose monitors various production and device.


Selecting the best blood glucose meter

Comparative table of popular blood glucose metersto Buy a good glucometer is now possible not only in shops "Iatrotechnics".The Internet abounds in suggestions various models and brands to satisfy any taste. However, neposledovatelen independently to master the choice of meter is not easy.

After a cursory review of glucose monitors offered on the Internet sites, becomes clear just what brand "Assi chek", "One touch ultra", "Vope" - produce the most popular glucose meters.

Helps you choose the glucose meter comparison table, the parameters showing up to the prices on test strips, which is often a decisive factor in making decision which glucometer is best to buy.


Parameters comparison blood glucose meters

Comparative table blood glucose meters

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Which is better to buy the meter?

Comparison blood glucose meters, like the concept the best glucometer always has a subjective connotation.

for Example, for non-insulin-dependent diabetics, in addition to glucose, it is important to control total cholesterol, triglycerides and lactate that provides excellent in-home device "Accutrend Plus".

For someone meter speaking, the assistant in the measurements in low vision ("Clever Chek" TD-4227A, " SensoCard Plus"), and for someone - the smallest and thin, because it fits easily into a handbag-clutch("GlucoHexal", "Accu-Chek Performa Nano").