General analysis of blood for sugar (glucose)

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Common blood testthe Most common analysis, which is at least once passed, every man, is a common blood test. It is prescribed for various diseases, it is indispensable when diagnosing the circulatory system, as changes in the blood are a reflection of changes in the body in General.

In General, the analysis examines the quantity and quality of blood cells, are defined by their size and shape of red blood cells. The study identifies the amount of hemoglobin determines the percentage of individual forms of leukocytes and the number and the percentage of platelets. Is appointed by the General analysis in examining the presence of inflammatory processes in the body (erythrocyte sedimentation rate).

Certain figures in the results of this study may indicate certain diseases. So, if the red blood cells, hematocrit and hemoglobin are below normal, and sea - above normal, it indicates anemia. In infectious diseases caused by bacteria, the number of lymphocytes in the blood is below normal and the white blood cells, neutrophils and sea are present in excess of the norm.

for viral diseases below normal in the blood are neutrophils and higher than the norm sea, leukocytes and lymphocytes, Allergy significantly increases the number of eosinophils.

no matter How extensive was the General analysis, it does not measure blood sugar. In order to know the level of glucose, you must pass a special analysis, usually from the finger, but sometimes from Vienna. In matter investigates capillary or venous blood, the rate of glucose different.

If you are prescribed a General analysis, do not expect that you will learn at the same time, what is your sugar. Although it usually is rented on an empty stomach, as with the study on glucose, drink water before the study is permitted, as it does not change the composition of the blood.

the results of the overall study can be affected by the intake of alcohol for the day before his passing, as well as a radical change of diet, as it causes a change in the amount of ESR and white blood cell count. Strong physical activity can also affect the results of this study.

When symptoms of diabetes - fatigue, severe weakness, constant thirst, dry skin - you should consult a endocrinologist who will sent to be tested for sugar. On the day before the examination you should not eat dinner too late, so between the food and delivery took no less than eight hours.