Cocoa in diabetes mellitus

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Cocoa in diabetes mellitusAny diabetic is hurry in domain of constant use of insulin. He is under the control of the meter is ready to the last to regulate blood sugar foods. Then patient begin to male careful selection of products that they want to consume: this is now possible, and this - not. And for some reason, most often, very tasty and loved products are not allowed. This rule is acceptable for both food and drinks. But cocoa and chocolate were a pleasant exception according to the "Murphy's Law", or (philosophically) Murphy.

Cocoa in its composition has substances that can expand and relax the arteries that carry blood to the organs. These substances are the catalysts of nitrogen oxide, which produces such actions with the arteries. Different sources can meet different name such substances, flavanols, flavonoids, flavanolsy - but the nature of their impact is not changed. Because the main cause of death of patients with diabetes is the pathology of heart vessels. German, Swiss and then the lights of Medical Sciences under control of "Mars" corporation conducted research on the effects of flavanols on the cardiovascular system of people with diabetes mellitus. It was found that flavanols can increase the diameter of the arteries by more than 5%. Therefore cocoa can have only a positive effect on the human body.

The same applies to chocolate because it is the product produced from cocoa. It is only necessary to bear in mind the following: the chocolate had a bitter taste, it is often removed from the relevant part of flavanols, and add more sugar. Because it is necessary not to buy chocolate on the market, and it is best to do in specialized stores, where brand and quality go hand in hand, where they know what is certificate of conformity and have these documents. Visually you can notice that chocolate for diabetics has darker color, almost black, and its taste is bitter.

Benefits of cocoa in diabetes are explained by the fact that it contains more than three hundred of antioxidant substances with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which are important for patients that suffer from diabetes mellitus.