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diabetes is a known chronic disease. To date, therapeutic options in this disease allow you to save the lives of patients. But the provision of a long working life mostly depends on the level of organization of the patient's clinical supervision.


prevention and Monitoring

clinical Examination of patients with diabetes mellitusthe Monitoring of patients with diabetes mellitus often-doctors-endocrinologists. At the initial examination, patients undergo a consultation with a number of doctors: neurologist, ophthalmologist, physician, for women mandatory gynecologist. If necessary, the inspection is carried out and other specialists. Also, patients must make a General analysis of blood and urine, plus an x-ray of the chest. Necessary measures will also be: the definition of glucose in blood fasting and the study of content cholesterol and of bilirubin in the blood, acetone and sugar in the urine (daily); the measurement of body weight and height, blood pressure; conducting ECG examination.

Repeated examinations of patients with diabetes mellitus to be made at least once in 3 months. When latent with proper treatment the patient is removed from the dispensary observation.

However, in the initial evaluation of patients with severe form of diabetes mellitus is carried out only in a hospital. Here to everything listed will have to undergo examinations by a surgeon and an otolaryngologist, in addition to determine the content of creatinine in the blood, ketone bodies and urea nitrogen. There are features and patient monitoring: the patient should undergo clinical examination once in 12-40 days, and in specific indications and more.


clinical Examination as a necessary measure

clinical Examination of patients with diabetes mellitus, follow-upclinical Examination diabetic patients is a complex prevention and treatment, with which at an early stage to identify the disease, to prevent its progression. Clinical examination is a systematic treatment of a patient, maintain his stable mental and physical condition, maintaining full working capacity and preventing complications, and comorbidities.

adequate clinical supervision ensures the removal of all clinical symptoms disease (polyuria, thirst General weakness of the body), warn of possible complications (hypoglycemia, ketoacidosis…) by normalizing body weight of the patient and the achievement of stable compensation of diabetes. The most effective will be the observation not only by an endocrinologist, but many experts their field.