Menopause diabetes

Itchy vagina


menopause diabetesthe End of the reproductive period of women, or the menopause almost always accompanied by unpleasant symptoms and sensations, which are difficult to consider any particular disease and they may appear. For example, in women aged 50-60 years may begin diabetes. Women at this age, he manifested much more often than men.

In practice, it is proved that more than ten percent of women during menopause do not notice the beginning of diabetes and continue to live with him until not manifest a serious and dangerous symptoms of the disease. In order to avoid this, you need during menopause to consult a doctor and monitor blood sugar levels.

the Age at which menopause occurs depends on the type of diabetes. So, if you have type II diabetes, menopause can occur in age 50-52 years, if the first type of diabetes, much earlier: 45-47 years.

In the presence of diabetes in women most often occur diseases of the genitourinary system and urogenital disorders. This is because high sugar levels often appear inflammatory processes, which leads to urinary incontinence in the daytime and at night, dryness of the vagina and itching in the anus.

the Increased body weight also may indicate the beginning of diabetes mellitus, as in this period the body needs much less energy to maintain the body and to avoid obesity, you need to consume 20-25 percent less food.

For women with diabetes mellitus type II during menopause characterized by the development of hyperandrogenism and hyperinsulinaemia. When the disease first type most often develops osteoporosis or bone metastases as a result of lack of insulin. It is this hormone, as insulin is involved in the formation and maintenance of bone tissue, and a deficiency is accompanied by proliferation of osteoblasts.

Thus, it can be noted that women 50 to 60 years, suffering from diabetes, belong to a specific group of people for which it is important for special hormone therapy. You should not expect the devastating impact of diabetes and fear of this disease. There are many ways to maintain your body during menopause in good shape even with diabetes, the main time to consult specialists, to identify the disease and begin treatment.