Citrus fruits in diabetes mellitus, are they allowed?

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citrus fruits The patients suffering from diabetes mellitus are prohibited from eating and consumption of many foods, but citrus fruits are in between the allowed and prohibited foods. If these fruits are used cautiously, the doctors may include those in the diet, and sometimes the included citrus fruits according to all rules may be highly helpful for patients.

Can citrus fruits be helpful in treatment of diabetes mellitus?

According to views of expert, the diabetic's diet must be rich in vitamins, including vitamin C, and the citrus fruits contain it most of all. Therefore they are allowed in the diet, but their quantity should be calculated carefully, taking in account a fruit's weight and carbohydrate level contained in it. Sometimes citrus fruits are used in treatment of diabetics as a part of diet, that looks like an "abstinence", and fruits are not on the last position of this list.

Eating of fruits of this category allows following to patient:

Moreover, the vitamin C (and this means the citrus fruits) in the diet of diabetics are great protection of spinal chord and cerebrum from free radicals. Of course, citrus fruits help to improve strength of the blood vessels and decrease the risk of hypertonia and coronary insufficiency, which is extremely important for the diabetics. This fact is important because some patients are prescribed to eat some fruits in strictly limited quantities. Every fruit should be treated separately and some of them should be included into the diet in moderate doses.

Grape-fruit: the best fruit

grape-fruit in diabetes mellitus treatment Grape-fruits are on the white list of the diabetics. They have a low glycemic index and contains the critically necessary vitamin C and diet fiber. That is why the diabetics are advised to consume the grape-fruit because it is the most nutritious fruit, which contains all the most important minerals, helping to resist to set of various diseases. In case if diabetic eats them regularly and under the close control of a doctor, he or she may get rid of the cold and prevent such serious diseases like cancer. One more key quality of grape-fruit lies in its ability to cut the exceeding sugar quantity in the blood.

Oranges: the perfect conformity

Oranges in treatment of diabetes mellitus This fruit takes the silver medal on the diabetic diet list. It also has a low glycemic index, but it must be eaten not so frequently as grape-fruit because it contains a little bit more glucose. The controlled consumption of oranges allows to patient the following:

Besides, oranges also help to decrease the blood sugar level. Taking in account this fact, the doctors allow eating one orange of small size right after eating. It can be replaced with a half of an grape-fruit of average size, if it is necessary.

Tangerines: tasty protection

Tangerines in treatment of diabetes mellitus Just like oranges this kind of citrus fruits has a low glycemic index, but it is still higher in comparison to glycemic index of grape-fruit. This is the reason why it is recommended to be consumed in limited quantities (especially, if tangerines are sweet), but there is no need to forget about this fruit at all. The optimal consumption of tangerines will help to invigorate all protective functions of the organism and to decrease the blood sugar level. The same effect may be obtained by drinking the tea made of tangerine peels. Three tangerines peels are brewed in one liter of water for about 10 minutes, and this kind of drink may significantly improve your health, if it is taken every day.

Lemons: are they get a patient cured from diabetes?

Lemon in treatment of diabetes mellitus The traditional medicine considers it to be good exactly for diabetes mellitus treatment, and it seems to be the only panacea, which is, of course, hardly to be true. Adding lemons to food, its juice to cocktails, drinks and salads will help not only to reduce the blood sugar level, but also to clean the vessels and recover their side structure. The lemon with a thin rind is the best for that as they have more juice and contain more vitamin C. The doctors allow to eat one lemon a day, if, of course, it is possible to keep such a "diet".

Pomelo: keep attention!

In spite of the fact that pomelo belongs to the citrus kind, which are useful for the diabetics, it is necessary to be very cautious when using it containsPomelo in treatment of diabetes mellitusa lot of carbohydrates, which should be limited in case of diabetes. 100 gr of pomelo fruit contains 10 gr of carbohydrates, therefore an excessive consumption of pomelo may raise blood sugar level quickly.

However, there are no reasons to refuse eating it at all. Just like other citrus fruits, pomelo is a great source of vitamin C and of useful micro-elements, which help to strength the immune system and improve blood vessel functioning; these are reasons to have it in the diet, but it should be avoided to be consumed in big quantities and one has to control the blood sugar level constantly.

In case if health will be important for the diabetic and it will be treated well, he or she will be able to eat any citrus fruits without any harm to the organism!