Cinnamon in diabetes mellitus, treatment, the use against diabetes

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cinnamon and diabetes mellitus, treatment, applicationtoday diabetes pain in the world 285 million people and this number is increasing every year. Scientists worldwide are conducting research aimed at obtaining an effective cure for the disease. But so far it doesn't exist, and the only way to fight disease is to maintain glucose metabolism by inputting the injection of insulin. To provide a therapeutic effect can also some drinks and food. Proven healing effect of the use of coffee, wine cinnamon and diabetes.


Cinnamon and diabetes: pros and cons

Cure disease folk remedies and products is not yet possible. However, it is actually using food to control blood sugar and restore tissue sensitivity to insulin. Such are the properties of cinnamon. Due to the fact that cinnamon contains 18% of phenol, it is an effective way to add to your diet antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. As a result of clinical research conducted by scientists from the American University of Georgia, was found a direct link between the content of phenol in cinnamon, and its ability to prevent inflammation in diabetes. In addition, cinnamon, like many spices, contains a minimal amount of calories, which is extremely important for diabetics.


Cure diabetes with cinnamon

On the medical properties of cinnamon were known in ancient times. It has been widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. In Ayurveda cinnamon is considered as a means to treat diabetes. To avoid confusion, it should be noted that for studies being used is not real cinnamon, but one of the plants belonging to the same species - Cassia. It is also often called "fake" and "Indonesian". To distinguish between cinnamon and Cassia is simple - tube Cassia is thicker, structurally similar to wood and have brown and dark red color.

In the medical journal Diabetes Care in 2003 published the results of studies showing the hypoglycemic properties of cinnamon. The study involved people suffering from diabetes of the second type. Study participants took a daily cinnamon. Patients were divided into three groups, each of which used various doses of cinnamon tablets dosage 1,3 and 6 grams. At the end of treatment, which lasted 40 days were marked by surprising results. Total cholesterol decreased on average by 12-26%, triglycerides by 23 to 30%, and the level of glucose - 18 - 29%.

the Team of scientists who conducted study of the therapeutic properties of cinnamon, recommended to the people suffering from this disease, do not add salt to his food, and replace it with different spices and in particular cinnamon. Thus, the effect of treatment cinnamon diabetes - scientifically proven fact, confirmed by clinical studies. Cinnamon is an extremely attractive culinary properties, so it can be added to various meals, and to use for cooking tea and other drinks.