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cholesterol in diabetes mellitusFor people suffering from diabetes it is very important to control cholesterol. If this is not done, there may be violations of the cardiovascular systems and fatal. Tight control of blood glucose is an important part of preventive measures at different stages of the disease diabetes.

Even if the average Russian will reduce the level of cholesterol, the averages remain in the border range, just over 200 mg/DL and although people are eating less fat than in years past, still at the age from 30 to 40 years is becoming more obese people.

If you fisiche and healthy, you must have the following health indicators:

total cholesterol: 200 mg/DL or 5.2 mmol/l

total triglycerides: below 200 mg / DL

HDL ("good"): above 45 mg / DL

LDL cholesterol ("bad" below 130 mg / DL

If You have ischemic heart disease:

total cholesterol: 200 mg / DL

Total triglycerides: below 200 mg / DL

HDL above 35 mg / DL

LDL: less than 100 mg / DL

the Hypothyroidism in patients with diabetes mellitus and its influence on the increase of cholesterol level.

Current genetic studies have shown that each person has a gene (called ABC) that controls the level of "good" HDL cholesterol. Let's hope that in the coming years, doctors will have discovered a mechanism that will increase protein, which will remove it from the walls of the arteries leading to the transport of HDL from the body.

However, other studies show that in 10% of cases a high level, is associated with thyroid function, or hypothyroidism. One of the observed side effects of hypothyroidism - increased levels of LDL. Elevated LDL has been associated with coronary heart disease, and peripheral vascular disease.

In the most severe cases, hypothyroidism causes a noticeable increase in triglyceride levels.

Recent research points to the need for all patients with diabetes with hypercholesterolemia needs to conduct research thyroid because a small percentage of these people will have hypothyroidism that will cause problems associated with cholesterol.

Treatment with thyroid hormone will reduce its level in the blood in patients with abnormal levels due to hypothyroidism. High blood old, complications due to hypothyroidism can result in irreversible damage to the coronary arteries and other blood vessels. Therefore, it is very important to treat hypothyroidism and to simultaneously control the level of cholesterol in the blood of all patients with diabetes mellitus.