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Everyone who cares about their health knows how important it is to monitor the content of glucose in the blood. A long time ago this problem was successfully solved by using portable blood glucose meters. But the level of cholesterol until recently it was possible to check only in the laboratory of a medical institution. Today, these important indicators are available to all thanks to the devices that will combine analyzers, cholesterol and glucose.

These devices are quite expensive and require not cheap consumables. But the patient has the opportunity to respond to the increase in the risk of such afflictions as stroke and heart attack. The task of the acquisition of glucometer is feasible, but the cost of test strips is able to punch a visible dent in the family budget. The choice of the most suitable product will help to keep the condition under control, not very burdensome carrying costs.


blood glucose Meter-meter Accutrend cholesterol GC

blood glucose Meter-meter Accutrend cholesterol GCAccutrend GC is one of the most popular analyzers. Using special test strips Accutrend and Accutrend Cholesterol Glukose diabetics and people with disorders of lipid metabolism, can track your glucose and cholesterol in the blood. The result of the analysis of sugar is issued for 12 seconds and cholesterol over 180. The device is convenient in use, available for development by the patient of any age. Built-in memory allows you to securely track the dynamics of changes of indicators of measurement. For the analysis, a sufficiently small drop of blood obtained by puncture of a finger with a special Lancet. The device costs 5100 rubles, packing test strips Cholesterol (25 pieces) - from 1800 rubles, test strips Glucose (50 pieces) - from 1500 rubles.


blood glucose Meter-the meter Accutrend Plus cholesterol

Accutrend PlusGlucometer Accutrend Plus chosen by those who want to control more parameters of blood. This wonderful device reliably and accurately detect blood levels of glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, lactic acid. The phone has great display, runs fast, saves the results of 100 measurements. It costs about 7900 rubles. A set of test strips for measurement of glucose (25 pieces) can be purchased for 760 rubles, cholesterol (25) - 1600 rubles, lactic acid (25) - 2900 rubles, triglycerides (25) for 2200 rubles.


Meter-a meter EasyTouch cholesterol

blood glucose Meter - the meter EasyTouch cholesterolhigh-Precision glucose meters Recording cheaper than many of their counterparts from other manufacturers. A unique device, capable of delivering comprehensive information about glucose, cholesterol, and hemoglobin in the blood, is in the area of 3900 rubles. Blood collection it uses a special autoproclamatei with replaceable lancets. Very nimble in working the device keeps in memory up to 200 measurement results. 10 test strips for cholesterol cost 690 rubles, 25 for hemoglobin - 690, 50 for glucose - the same 690.


blood glucose Meter-the meter MultiCare in cholesterol

MultiCare in MeterExcellent glucometer multiCare in one drop of blood can immediately identify the levels of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides. Its popularity is based on ease of use, convenient Assembly and relatively low cost - from 4000 rubles. Wide screen with large characters appreciate the elderly. Special lancets allow you to make the puncture is almost painless. Packaging of test strips for measurement of glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol contain respectively 50, 25 and 10 pieces and cost 700, 1800 and 1100 rubles.



the Owners of multifunctional glucometers complain about the cost of consumables, but their devices they are satisfied, as reported in their reviews. Undoubtedly one of such devices, thanks to the timely detection of hazardous changes in the composition of the blood, allow many patients to lead normal lives and often save their lives.