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cherry in diabetes mellitusCherries doctors enough safely include in the diet of diabetes, but the berries should be fresh. It contains minimum amount of carbohydrates and low glycemic index (22). It is a useful product because of the large amounts of antioxidants that can fight cancer and heart disease. Menu diabetes include even frozen cherries.

American chemists studying the structure of the trees found natural - natural - substances that help in maintaining adequate blood glucose levels. This is exactly the effect sought out by the doctors when assigning patients with diabetes mellitus insulin therapy or glucose-lowering drugs. In ripe fruits contain anthocyanins, which increase the activity of the pancreas in production of insulin by 40-50%. The content of the substance in cherries is high enough (depends on red berries).

cherry is not recommended for people with diabetes and high acidity, with a penchant for diarrhea, obesity, chronic lung diseases and gastric ulcer.

Cherry with diabetes eat the same way as other berries - half a Cup per serving: about 100 grams. It can be ignored when calculating insulin (factor 22). Caloric content of strawberries is 49 kcal/100 g, and recover from berries very difficult.

Fruits contain lots of vitamins A, B1,B2, B3, B6, B9, C, E, PP, iron, potassium, calcium, fluoride, chromium.

cherries In favor of the bears all - berries, leaves, branches and stalk. Of them make decoctions and infusions, but most helpful for a patient with diabetes is a cherry juice. You can even use flowers, bark, seeds, roots and cherry glue.

the Decoction of cherry or its components in their pure form do not accept. Usually used in the composition of the decoctions of the leaves of black currant, mulberry, blueberry, empty pods of beans, walnut in a quantity of 50 g per 3 liters of boiling water. Take diabetes for 1/2 Cup, as most of the decoction three times a day before meals for 30 minutes within 2-3 months.

the Decoction of the stems are doing in the proportions: 1 tablespoon stalks filled with 1 Cup boiling water, then boiled for 10 min. Take 1-3 times a day before meals for 1/2 Cup.

it is a mistake to assume that a low glycemic index gives you the right to use the cherries in unlimited quantities. Caution, it can have a poisonous action in a large number - it contains the glycoside amygdalin, which decomposes under the influence of putrefactive bacteria in the intestines, and forms prussic acid.