What kind of cheese can diabetes?

Cottage cheese


cheese in diabetes mellitussometimes Life makes unexpected turns. You have lived a full life and not really thought about the principles of your diet. But you are diagnosed: "diabetes" and now from the diet and composition of your diet influences your health and further disease development.

the First thing that require doctors when prescribing diet: limit fats in the diet. It excludes fat varieties of sausages and cheeses, smoked meats and dairy products with fat content over 1.5%. In short, all that causes an increase of fat in the blood. This is due to the fact that recent medical studies have shown positive Association of diabetes with high content of fat in the blood.

But absolutely to exclude the "Goodies" from your diet is unnecessary. You need to learn how to calculate daily norm of fats (for a diabetic it is about 45-60 grams per day) and, after consulting with the doctor, sometimes to afford the delicacies.


Eating cheese with diabetes

Eating creamy young cheeses, which contain only 3% of milk sugar, is encouraged for patients with diabetes. They contain a lot of protein, so useful to the body. But the quantity consumed of a product and its fat content should be under the strict supervision of a physician and the patient. Young creamy cheeses, for example, neuchГўtel, contain 2.5 to 3% sugar and therefore does not strongly affect its level in the blood. If the big cheese extracts, it contains milk sugar halved or only traces of it.

What types of cheese can diabetes? Designed for long-term storage: "Russian", Swiss, Camembert, Chester, Roquefort, Gorgonzola and others have a right to a place in the diet of the patient. But they should be consumed in limited quantities. It is desirable to learn there is a small slice of cheese with special bread for diabetics or no bread. There should be after a meal or second Breakfast. If allowed white bread to make a sandwich. To count the fat content, it is necessary to base 10 grams of fat, which contains 35 grams of "Russian" cheese and varieties of this class.

Should be very careful to buy cheese in diabetes. In our turbulent times is not always have control over the quality of the product. Unscrupulous manufacturers add in expensive cheeses potato flour, white bread and all kinds of chemicals for ripening.

the Main recommendation for inclusion in the diet of patients with diabetes cheese sounds so: how about a little cheese low-fat varieties and always after consultation with your doctor.