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charging in diabetes mellitusdon't need to tell you a lot about how complicated diabetes and much discomfort from those who hurt them. For such people, developed a special diet, they should not worry and get depressed, otherwise, the disease may worsen. And yet, diabetes can be cured, if you make this effort and start sports.

One of the key aspects towards a proper treatment is physical exercises, namely, the special charge for diabetes patients. It is unique in that it can not only reduce the level of sugar in blood and relieve symptoms of diabetes, stabilize blood pressure and normalize the cardiovascular system. If you regularly perform all the necessary physical exercise, you will become much easier to deal with diabetes.

Charging consists of several exercises which positively affect health of diabetes patients. It needs to be done regularly, otherwise productive of results you get. So, let's consider the following exercises that in the future it would be useful to anyone who needs to overcome sharny diabetes.

Exercise 1

Take the standing position, hands leaning on a chair. Your back must be smooth. Be on your toes and then gradually drop to your heels. With heels again slowly go up on the tips of your fingers. Do this a few times.

Exercise 2

Sit on a chair with your back straight. The legs should straighten, and your fingers to press and release. Next, the legs must be leveled and alternately pull up the socks first from herself and then to himself. Place your feet on the floor not rising from his chair. In turn, raise the toes and heel, without lifting your feet off the ground. If you do these exercises at least ten times, the charging efficiency will be much higher. But it all depends on your fitness level.

Exercise 3

Lie on your back, placing something soft (so long otherwise you will not last). Make the "birch" - straighten up the legs. Now make a circular motion on the feet. It's not very fast. When you feel tired, you can relax a little. The exercise should be repeated again.

This charge is designed to improve circulation and reduce blood sugar. Those who have confirmed diabetes, experts advise to walk barefoot. Well, if you have got a vacation on the sea, where there are beaches of pebbles. Another rule for diabetic patients: any exercises designed for the treatment of this disease should be done regularly, with responsibility, otherwise it will not work and exercise, like charging in General, will not be as effective as possible.