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Shelf fungus in diabetes mellitus Clinical researches prove that shelf fungus is effective for decrease of blood glucose level and it is good in treatment of diabetes mellitus.

Blood glucose level may go down even during the third hour upon the preparation intake, while blood glucose level is cut significantly - ca. 15-30% for various patients.

Traditional medicine, as auxiliary mean of treatment of diabetes mellitus, advices the most frequently used remedy made of shelf fungus tea. Only the inner part of the fungus is used as its bark is useless. The core of fungus is crushed and then added to water in proportion 1 to 5, stir and get warm till 50°C with low fire. There is no need to boil it, but prepared drink should stay for two days, and after that the water is taken away and the grounds are squashed through some gauze tissue.

In case the extract is thick, it may be dissolved in boiled water till its initial volume. It is kept in chilly place no more than three days.

Remedy made of shelf fungus is taken three times a day half an hour before eating in portion of one glass. Whole course of treatment lasts one month, which may repeated when necessary.

Patient should remember that strict diet is not only a part of treatment, but it is also a critical element when shelf fungus remedy is taken. For that period it is necessary to exclude fat meat and poultry (lean meat only), preserved and smoked products, food that contains a lot of carbohydrates, sweet fruits and berries (fig, banana, date, grape). No cooking fats, marinades, flavored, carbonated and sweet drinks can be consumed.

Those diabetics, who cannot live without goodness, may eat branny, rich in proteins or rye bread, or just bake using coarse flour. Instead of sweet fruits, it is better to eat fresh vegetables.

Extract may be combined with red clover flower tea - 1 teaspoon of dried clover for 1 glass of cold water, the mixture is boiled for 10 minutes and after is kept for 40 minutes and drink. The mix of shelf fungus extract and rib grass is also useful: one spoonful of shelf fungus and 2 dried leaves of rib grass are added to two glasses of boiling water, keep for 30 minutes and take one spoon three times a day one hour before eating.

At the same, when the patient takes extracts and teas, he or she may take baths with a few oil drops made of shelf fungus.

It is very important to remember that any shelf fungus preparations exclude intravenous consumption of glucose and penicillin use, which are antagonists to the fungus.