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caesarean section diabetes mellitusWhen carrying out caesarean section in a patient suffering from diabetes mellitus, during the entire time continuing insulin therapy. Newborn, in spite of significant body weight, is viewed by doctors as premature and need special care. Already in the earliest hours of his life the attention of doctors should be drawn to fight with lesions of the Central nervous system, acidosis, hypoglycemia, respiratory disorders.

the Indications for planned cesarean section diabetes mellitus are the following factors:


Caesarean section may be emergency, or planned. When the last woman is prepared for surgery in advance, and the cesarean section performed in an optimal gestational time. diabetes uncomplicated it usually is 38 weeks, but in some other cases, doctors may insist on surgery and 32 weeks.

Emergency same operation usually carried out at complications, which appeared during the birth - it can be a disproportion between mother's pelvis and the size of the fruit, the growth or the appearance of hypoxia, and poor contractions.

in addition, the indications for surgery can be impairment in the course of diabetes mellitus of the mother - cardiac decompensation and diabetes.

Anesthesia for surgery often have in common, however, is sometimes performed and epidural anesthesia.

the Incision is made in the transverse direction - thus fewer damaged muscle fibers and blood vessels.

the Operation lasts on average about one hour and blood loss is 800 ml. of anesthesia the woman usually wakes up on the operating table, and then my mom reported sex, height and weight of the child.