Cereals and porridge in diabetes - what are allowed?

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Diabetes CropsDiabetes mellitus is a serious disease, the treatment of which requires strict diet. Each grain has a different effect on the human’s body which has indications of diabetes and as consequence there is a big need to correctly make up the daily diet.

Buckwheat is the most useful grain, due primarily to the fact that it is the only culture that does not respond to all genetically modifications. Buckwheat porridge should be in the diet of people suffering from diabetes, because buckwheat tends to normalize the production of sugar in the blood. Daily eating of buckwheat as soups or cereals will cause slowly rise of sugar level, not abruptly as it is in usually way.

One of cereals that should be included in the menu for people with diabetics is rice. Rice contains much fiber and it is well absorbed by the human body. However, we should abandon the rice porridge, or to reduce them to the minimum number in the case of the presence of obesity or weight loss in diabetes. Depending on the each type of treatment, there are three types of rice - parboiled, brown and white. When the diabetes is, it’s better to do porridge made from parboiled steamed rice or white.

Irreplaceable at the diabetes is oats, because it is a source of inulin - vegetable analogue of human insulin. Eating oatmeal can reduce the need for the introduction of insulin in the body. In addition to cereals from oat for people with the disease of diabetes, it is useful to use the following extract: to a cup of oatmeal with cold water it’s needed to add a cup of boiling water, and then it should be insisted on a period of 12 hours with the cover. The prepared infusion must be filtered and after be drunk in three equal divided doses in one day. Such treatment has a positive effect on the activity of the liver for people with diabetics.

Barley cereal contains a lot of fiber and amino acids, so it is indicated for use and regular consumption for people that have diabetes. In addition, it is considered a dietary product that slows down the absorption of carbohydrates when it is digested. Therefore, nutritionists recommend to people with diabetes do not limit their self in eating barley porridge.

Also very useful for diabetics is wheat porridge and bran of this cereal. Wheat not only significantly reduces the level of sugar in the blood, but also cleanses the body and normalizes work of bowel and also reduces weight what is very important in this disease. Effective for diabetics is a decoction made of wheat flour. To prepare it you should get and pour a tablespoon of bran with boiled water or milk and mix it very good. Prepared decoction should be taken in quantity of a tablespoon with meals several times a day.

One of the most low-calorie grains is considered corn grain. It is easily digested and also due to this low-calorie cereal, you can eat it even if you have diabetes. The composition of corn that contains many useful minerals and vitamins is required for full and complete activity of the human body. For people with the disease of diabetes, corn porridge is useful primarily in that way, that it excludes the possibility to gain extra pounds.

One of the most nutritious cereals is considered barley porridge. This is a special way processed barley grain. Notable property of barley is it’s its ability to reduce weight. Therefore, in the menu of diabetics the barley porridge must be included.

Millet has many useful properties such as decreasing of sugar production in the blood and also as preventing weight gain, which is not a desirable thing for people suffering from this disease.

In diabetes diet the patient should be made that includes at least one of the types of cereals like barley, wheat, rice, buckwheat, millet, barley, oats and corn.