Central diabetes insipidus

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Central diabetes insipidusdiabetes Insipidus is not the most common disease that occurs in humans. This disease is a sudden, rather sharp increase in urine, which highlights the human body. In this diabetes the person is constantly thirsty, the body is dehydrated.

the Disease develops in humans because of a lack of antidiuretic hormone or ADH for short - is Central diabetes insipidus, and, if the blood contains a small amount of the hormone vasopressin and reduced secretion. Diabetes occurs both in men and women aged 20 to 40 years.


causes of Central diabetes insipidus

the reasons for the development in the organism of this disease may be different. Central diabetes insipidus distinguish several types:


the reasons for the development of diabetes insipidus purchased: all sorts of trauma, tumor, infection, meningitis, encephalitis, syndrome of Skien. Known cases, when the disease develops due to hypothalamic-pituitary insufficiency, infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, scarlet fever, influenza.

the Disease can be part of you from birth, that is inherited due to mutations of vasopressin gene, Wolfram syndrome, various diseases of the Central nervous system. Development of diabetes insipidus may be associated with head injuries, after operations on the brain, in particular, if the removal of pituitary adenomas.

the disease is, as already noted above, occurs at a relatively early age and manifests itself as a constant, copious urination, appearance of the thirst, poor sleep. All these symptoms appear at night, resulting in sleep disorder, nervous condition, weakness, fatigue. The amount of urine that is allocated to you per day is six litres. Respectively in the same amount and have the patient drink the liquid because there is a dehydration. The patient wishes to consume best cold water with ice. During the development of the disease the patient begins to refuse food, caused by loss of appetite, begins to drastically lose weight, the skin becomes very dry, due to dehydration, high irritability, rapid fatigue. In this disease the urine is very bright. With the development of the disease in the body people lose about 20 liters of urine.

Cure diabetes insipidus involves the introduction into the organism of ADH with the help of medications that you need to snort or injection.