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celery diabetesthe Celery since ancient times, people used in the treatment of various diseases such as allergies, obesity, atherosclerosis, neurosis and even diabetes. Celery contains large group of vitamins, carbohydrates, mineral salts, crude protein, proteins, sugar and more, and is widely used in folk for the prevention and treatment of diseases of various types.

Celery is of the greatest value in the treatment of diseases, due to the large amount of magnesium, which is capable of controlling almost all chemical reactions in the body and to compensate for the shortcomings. As a rule, if in the human body don't have enough magnesium, we have fears, irritability, he feels tired and begins to respond to changes in the weather. Magnesium deficiency also leads to diseases of the cardiovascular system, thyroid gland and diabetes mellitus.

Iron, which is also contained in celery in large amounts, nourishes the blood. Calcium in its composition strengthens bones and reduces the likelihood of salt deposits.

to Replenish vitamin balance in the body by using different drugs is possible, but in some diseases there are contraindications to their use, for example in diabetes mellitus. In this case, you should use a simple recipe from celery root, which will help you to treat your body.

celery diabetes treatmentthe Celery has several varieties. It is divided into three types: root, leaf and leaf stalk. The last two species have the highest concentration of vitamins. This plant is considered most beneficial to humans, because all its parts are used for food and for preparation of various medicinal decoctions and infusions. For the treatment of diabetes celery can be used both leaves and roots of plants to prepare a therapeutic infusion.

To prepare anti-diabetic from the leaves of the celery, you will need 20 grams of fresh grass, which will need to pour 200 ml of warm water and boil for 15 minutes. Then the broth is cooled and taken orally three times a day for three tablespoons immediately before a meal.

To prepare the broth roots celery, stands in the same amount to fill them with water and boil for 30 minutes, remove from heat, drain and allow to cool. To take a decoction of the roots is the same as from the leaves.

Many doctors advise to take the decoction of celery as the prevention of diabetes people with a tendency to its appearance. In this case you are always in the home medicine Cabinet people's money must be the root.