Causes sugar (glucose) in the urine - glycosuria

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Causes of sugar and urine glucose: glucosuria appears why?Glucosuria is a symptom characterized by increased amount of sugar in the urine. What are the main causes of this symptom, and it is a serious cause for concern?


Why is sugar in urine?

it is Important to understand that urine from a healthy person contains as a minimum the amount of sugar to detect it in studies is almost impossible. However, if the analysis was discovered this indicator, you should have a think about why it appears and why it is dangerous for the body.

not always the presence of glucose in urine is a troubling symptom, especially because the causes can be quite varied. The reliability indicators may have a significant impact improper diet and excessive activity the day before. Moreover, often the occurrence of glycosuria is long reception of some types of medicines with high content of glucose.

Also there are some forms of glycosuria, the cause of which lies in the inherent defects of the kidneys, resulting sugar is not displayed in full. An increased amount of sugar may also occur because of certain diseases, for example, after serious injuries, neurological diseases or infectious diseases.


Why sugar appears in the urine: the main reasons

importantly, the appearance of glycosuria is one of the main feature, showing development in the body diabetes, but because it in no event cannot be left without proper attention. That is why the study used daily urine should be sure that allows you to examine the amount of sugar in a single morning portion intended for analysis, gives the opportunity to learn more about the amount of glucose in the body throughout the day. Also not be amiss for a day or two to go on a diet, eliminating from your diet all kinds of sweets and refusing medication. This makes it possible to avoid false-positive results, and thus will provide insight about the true amount.

it is Important to understand that, of course, most directly glycosuria is diagnosed with diabetes, however in addition there are a number of reasons that may precede its appearance. Therefore, in the diagnosis, and therefore the subsequent assignment to appropriate treatment, so it is important to understand why occurs in the urine glucose is, what caused it and how dangerous.