Causes low blood sugar - why downgraded?

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causes of low blood sugarIn a constantly accelerating rhythm of life we do not think about very important issues: eat properly, how active is our way of life than abuse, as planned in our day? Sometimes try not to notice obvious symptoms of the approaching illnesses: irritability (mood swings), causeless anxiety, suddenly appearing hunger, fast heartbeat, increased or reduced sweating. Perhaps you need to understand why the phenomenon of discomfort come the uninvited guests in our lives? Often, the reason is the fluctuations in the level of sugar in our blood. As a result of food intake, and increases its concentration in the body. In response to this, the pancreas released into the blood hormone (insulin), whereby the body is supported by a kind of balance.

Violations of this balance can manifest itself in two forms:


standard references - from 4.5 to 6.3 mmoll. (fasting). When the index value below 3.0 mmoll. is the state of hypoglycemia, and it may occur in people with no diabetes.

Why it happens in the blood reduced level of glucose? This is facilitated by the following reasons:


Low level of glucose affects our feel vague, wishy-washy symptoms of depression, fatigue and causeless weakness, which for modern man is very familiar and with which we have learned to cope with sweet tea, coffee and drinks. But why these phenomena are occurring more frequently? The reason lies in an unbalanced diet. Food rich in carbohydrates increases the sugar content in our blood. Power surge increases the health and vitality for a very short time, because the expenditure of carbohydrate is very fast. So there is hypoglycemia (lowered sugar levels).

Protein foods also supports the gradual release of energy (during the day), resulting in no sharp changes (spikes) in the level of glucose in the blood, so our state will not threaten fainting and weakness. Balanced diet - food rich in proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, fiber, foods low in glycemic index is the shortest way to the restoration of normal levels of sugar in your blood. However, before to strictly follow a certain diet, be sure to consult your doctor.