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katarakta diabetes diabeteDiabetes mellitus is dangerous disease, first of all by complications that often accompany it. Any of body organs can suffer, including the eyes.

One of the most frustrating and bad disease of eyes is a cataract. This disease causes complete or partial clouding of the crystalline lens capsule which affects visual acuity and makes it much worse, and eventually patient can lose the ability to see. This painless process is not always associated with diabetes. To this disease are exposed many old people whose age has passed 65 years.

Cataracts can begin and develop much earlier due to metabolic degradation and due to bad nutrition of crystalline lenses if patient suffers from diabetes. In addition the crystalline lenses have the ability to absorb excess glucose if its quantity is big and level of glucose in blood is high. This leads to a "diabetic cataract" at a young age (40 years or even less).

There exists a special kind of this disease called "diabetic cataract", which in the initial stage is characterized by flaky haze under the crystalline lens capsule. This type of cataract is peculiar to persons of young age who have 1st type of diabetes with very high blood glucose levels and its significant fluctuations. In this case, slight hazes may disappear after the period of time if the level of glucose in blood will normalize and will be stable. But such a result can be considered exceptional.

In all other cases any drugs in form of eye drops, any ointment, pills, dietary supplements or “remedies of traditional medicine” won’t help to eliminate formed opacities in eye crystalline lenses. There are special eye drops - kvinaks, dibikor, taufon and others, but they can only slow the disease in its early stages and stabilize it.

The only effective way to get rid of cataracts is surgery, where the damaged eye crystalline lens is replaced with an artificial one.

Somehow widely believed that if patient has diabetes it cannot be performed surgery of replacement of eye crystalline lens by artificial implant. It is wrong conclusion. Contraindication is only a strong circulatory system damage of eyes or the formation of new blood vessels in iris.

Modern medicine can make the life of a patient with diabetes and cataracts to remain full.