Carrots diabetes. Is it possible?

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carrots in diabetesBright, crisp, juicy carrot - that may be tasty and appetizing? From childhood, we are accustomed to the fact that this vegetable is considered useful. But all it is possible to carrots? As is the case with dietary recommendations for diabetics?

The composition of carrot

Before you find out whether you can eat carrots at diabetes, tell about its composition.


How do the components of carrot on the body in diabetes?

Let's start with the issue of the carbohydrates, as it is often the cause of failure of the patient with diabetes from eating this vegetable. Is this justified? As we have seen, the sugar in a carrot - no more than one teaspoon (if translated into sugar), so that the moderate use of this tasty vegetable can not hurt. Of course, it is not necessary to choose the carrot diet and eat only her, but pohrustet one carrot or eat before dinner delicious salad it will not only not harmful, but also useful. But we'll talk about below. By the way, do not forget that other vegetables, such as beets, zucchini, cabbage, are also useful in diabetes, so it is best to prepare a salad of mixed vegetables.

About the tissue is safe to say that without the use of its normal digestion is almost impossible. Another valuable feature of the fiber - this delayed absorption materials, including sugar in blood. Due to this property, carbohydrates carrot gradually be absorbed, which is not the case of the use of pure sugar. Therefore, for a diabetic sugar contained in carrots, much safer his brother from sugar.

The benefits of vitamins and minerals can hardly speak in detail. One has only to observe that contained in carrots minerals are vital, and as well as vitamins increase metabolic, nutritional and respiratory processes of the body.

So can a diabetic carrot?

Of course, you can. Moreover, vegetables such as carrots, beet, cabbage, zucchini, diabetic patients are recommended for the mandatory inclusion in the diet. Observe moderation, and the beneficial effect of carrots will not make you wait long.