Clove in diabetes mellitus

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Clove in diabetes mellitusPeople, who suffer from diabetes mellitus, are facing the complex and continuous treatment. However, even the modern medicine cannot help in complete recovery from diabetes mellitus of second (2nd) type. To keep desired level of blood sugar, there is a special diet needed as well as traditional medicinal remedies help well enough in this case; other remedies (non-medical) are also used by many patients to decrease the blood sugar level.

It is not a secret that all ordinary spices of vegetable and herbs have a lot of healing qualities. Clove is capable of decreasing the diabetic's blood sugar level.

Clove is rich in clove oil, called eugenol. It is this oil, which gives clove its aroma, as well as other healing qualities. Clove oil possesses antispasmatic, anesthetic, antibacterial and other qualities. Antibacterial qualities of clove oil are smoothly working on the bowels, preventing diarrhoea in case of intestine infections, decreases gaseous distention and improves the digestion, which is also important for treatment of diabetes mellitus, which is also important as along with the diagnosis of diabetes they speak about excessive weight. The clove eugenol is a powerful antiseptic, which is effective against pathogenic bacterium and other parasites.

Clove is consumed as an extract during the treatment of diabetes mellitus. One of the recipes advices to put 20 buds of clove into a glass of boiling water and keep this mixture for one night. One third of glass is taken three times a day. The course of such treatment is rather long and it is around 6 months. This aromatic spice may be added to various teas and dishes, and it will help not only to have a richer diet, but to make it healthier.

Consumption of clove should be limited in case of gastritis along with hyperoxemia, ulcer diseases, fatigue or supertension. Big doses of the spice have a strong heating effect and in addition clove may change a dish taste if used excessively. In case of heart diseases and hyperexcitability it must be consumed sparingly. It is not recommended during the pregnancy because it is capable of alvus toning; kids under 2 should avoid its consumption of clove too.