The care of patients with diabetes mellitus

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diabetes lack of insulin in the human body leads to disruption in the functioning of the endocrine system, affects the state of the whole organism. For this disease characterized by chronic protectee, people deteriorates vision, kidney decreased sensitivity legs, suffering cardiovascular system. Medical treatment and preventive measures determined by the doctor depending on the type of diabetes: insulin dependent or non-insulin-dependent.

In severe forms of the disease, during the deterioration of patients with diabetes requires special care.

Because the protective functions of the organism patient suffering from diabetes mellitus, a weakened caring for them must be focused on systematic measures to strengthen the immune system, stabilize functioning of the body organs and systems, combining diet, hygiene, physical activity and the use of insulin in form of injections or tablets. In particular this applies to patients type II diabetes, which shows substitution insulin therapy. Patients may not be ignored control of blood sugar (blood, urine), which type I diabetes have planned to produce 1 once a week or if necessary - in the morning, before meals 2 hours (and also after), and in the evening. Diabetes type II - 2-3 times a month.

care in diabetes mellitusWhen the doctor subcutaneous injection of insulin it is advisable to follow all the necessary rules and hygiene standards for the care of patients. Insulin injections administered in the lateral abdomen (no closer than 5 cm to the navel), also the outer side of shoulder, outer and front thighs above the knee. You must remember that people suffering from diabetes, elevated threshold, because inspection of the skin of the ward should be the rule. Any untreated wound inflamed, diaper rash, scratch or bystrorezhuschej due to the slow circulation pressure sores, can provoke serious problems: infection, diabetic gangrene.

Special attention when caring for a diabetic should be paid to cleanliness and personal hygiene. If the patient is diabetes - bedridden, care is required is more thorough. It is necessary to conduct prevention of bedsores, be sure to wash away after emptying the bladder, because urine with a high sugar content irritates the skin, causes itching, and leads to the formation of diaper rash. After cleaning, wash the legs, armpits, the skin should be wiped dry, if fat people, process, places an excessive sweating special powder.

the Patient should use personal hygiene, regularly expose them to sanitation. For diabetic patients is characterized by frequent inflammatory diseases of the mucous membranes of the mouth and gums, so care for the oral cavity should be special. Teeth cleaning toothpaste with anti-inflammatory effect, rinsing the mouth herbal infusions and special elixirs - is the prevention of stomatitis and gingivitis.