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Heart in diabetes mellitusDiabetes mellitus can affect patient’s eyes, kidneys and skin. But also patient should remember about the heart burden due to the disease flow!

All internal organs, including heart, take part in the pathological process unless the diabetes is not compensated. This happens to the patients who ignore the advices of doctors, ignore and not follow the diets, doses and patterns of insulin injections, don’t consume sugar decreasing preparations, do not control the blood sugar level, and do not undertake anything to prevent glycemia. All factors listed above can affect the heart activity directly.

Such patients have metabolism disorders of all kinds: fat, protein and carbohydrate. That is the result of dystrophic changes in the cells of myocardium.

The affecting of cardiovascular system that is associated with diabetes mellitus has a special name - diabetic angiopathy. It leads to the bigger complications: cerebrum blood circulation disorder, ischemic heart disease, limb blood circulation disorders, cerebral accident, and in some cases it leads to appearance of mortification and retinopathy (blindness). The said disease may lead to a cerebral accident, but it is not common. To prevent the cerebral accident patient should follow to doctor’s advices and respects all given recommendations, and in this case no accident will happen, unless, of course, there will be no other reasons to have it.

Harmful consequences may be caused by affection of tiny vessels: venules, capillary tubes and arterioles, in case of badly compensated diabetes mellitus. The sides of the vessels get covered with specific protein-carbohydrate complexes hindering blood circulation, which leads to inner organ oxygen and nutrition supply disorders; for example, the eye retina, heart and kidneys are suffering from that. Finally, inner organs cannot function well; in particular, the apparition of cardiovascular failure is possible due to the insufficient supply and non-reversible changes of myocardium. Besides, in case of uncompensated diabetes mellitus the disorders of involuntary nervous system take place, which may be seen along with tachyrhythmia - cardiac acceleration. The heart starts working in unfavorable conditions.

One more unpleasant point of the disease: the patients having diabetes suffer much more (5 times more on average) often from ischemic heart disease. This regularity the scientists of the World explain with the fact that diabetics may have atherosclerosis, causing the affecting of heart. Another reason for atherosclerosis development is high level of cholesterol in human blood.

It is necessary to remember that people suffering from diabetes, usually, have an excessive weight and, as a result, hypertensive of blood pressure. Such pathologies always lead to atherosclerosis and ischemic heart disease.

The bigger half of diabetics are prone to cardiac accident, happening in a very hard form. The key is to follow the directions as to one's diet, which may significantly decrease the affection of atherosclerosis and possibility of ischemic heart disease under such conditions.

The rationale of the said above is following: diabetics must control their health condition and they should follow special diet, which will help to normalize the blood sugar level and prevent hyperglycemia. In order to find changes that happen in body in time, and before the start of effective treatment, patient should visit personal doctor regularly. In case if doctor finds it necessary, then the patient has to pass electrocardiogram examination.

Such examination will show any changes, related to the heart, and the doctor will prescribe the corresponding medications, which will help to improve the metabolism in myocardium, will normalize blood circulation in vessels, nourishing myocardium and will normalize blood pressure values.

A few words about excessive weight: just a mere weight normalization is capable of normalizing the blood sugar level. Patient has to remember that hypertensive disease in combination with the diabetes mellitus needs constant control of arterial tension and blood sugar level.

A little bit more details about the risk of high arterial tension for diabetics in case of eye and kidney affection. More than 60% of patients are suffering from that. In case of advanced stage of a hypertension disease, the blood vessels are destroyed; the risk of cerebral accident and ischemic heart disease, or heart and kidney insufficiency is raises a lot. In order to avoid high arterial pressure patient should: quit smoking, follow the diet, control body weight, do physical exercises and obviously limit the consumption of salt.