Cancer and diabetes, Oncology, tumors



cancer and diabetesNumerous studies conducted by scientists have proved that diabetes greatly increases the risk of the formation of various tumors, including cancer. In scholarly articles, no one mentioned accurate research data. They indicated the mechanisms of tumor development in patients with diabetes.


Cancer and diabetes

American scientists believe that people who have diabetes, are at risk of developing cancer is 38% more than the rest. Most often, cancer affects the large intestine. The exact proof of the fact that diabetes provokes cancer of the colon, the researchers did not name. However, they concluded that hormones, excess weight, age and bad habits provoke the emergence of this disease. Diabetics suffer from increased sugar in the blood, which must be regulated by insulin. And insulin promotes proliferation and growth of cells, including cancer.


Oncology diabetes

Diabetes is often accompanied by other abnormalities in the human body. This is because this disease often occurs obesity and disturbed metabolism. And with obesity so increases the risk of cancer. The increase in the level of glucose in the blood even at a normal weight is a serious threat to the development of cancer. The higher the level, the greater the risk of tumors. The most likely to develop cancer of the pancreas, liver, esophagus, colon, and hormone which regulates the level of sugar in human blood. Some scientists believe that insulin can affect how fast cells are growing.


tumor diabetesTumors and diabetes

People with diabetes are at risk of developing tumors. Korean scientists noted that the combination of "diabetes - cancer" is not uncommon. They believe that insulin affects the formation and growth of tumors. Some doctors do not agree with this statement and prove that in the formation of various tumors is guilty of fatty tissues and cells, as well as a weakened immune system diabetics.

globally, diabetes mellitus and cancer are common diseases. And the combination of these two diseases, each year claiming the lives of many people. That is why diabetes should strictly monitor the weight, to properly prepare the diet, to practice preventive exercises. And all the measures related to prevention of diabetes, reduce the risk of developing cancer.