Is it possible to get pregnant with diabetes?

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pregnancy diabetesMore recently, among the experts, it was assumed that diabetes and pregnancy - the concept essentially incompatible.

Doctors today are debates about whether it is possible to prevent the woman sick with diabetes to have a baby.

However, a joint study of endocrinologists and gynecologists proved that this disease is not an absolute contraindication birth.

Any woman with this diagnosis are able to bear and give birth to a healthy baby, strictly adhering to all recommendations of your doctor. On the health of future offspring may be affected not by the disease itself, and the level of sugar in the blood of the mother, so for the normal course of pregnancy, you must first pay attention to the level of glycemia. For this there are modern means of self-control and the artificial introduction into the organism of insulin.

How to get pregnant if you have diabetes?

the disease often can be the major cause of infertility or the impossibility of a long pregnancy. We can identify the following causes of inability to conceive a child: anovulation, hormonal disorders, menstrual disorders. These problems often can cause early miscarriage or fetal death. In addition, diabetes of the mother may adversely affect the level of development of the unborn child, its resistance to various infections and stress resistance. You inability to get pregnant, you need to consult a specialist to undergo a series of tests to identify the causes. Their elimination will lead to a long-awaited conception.


Planning pregnancy

From polls conducted by Russian specialists among women diagnosed with diabetes, it became known that most women misunderstand the meaning of "planning pregnancy". Many mean by this term a trip to rest, avoiding harmful habits, prevention of vitamins or just cessation of oral contraceptives.

In fact, the planning a pregnancy means a pregnancy on the background of diabetes in a woman, well oriented and versed in the issue of his illness, without the presence of any comorbidities and progressive complications.

Planning a pregnancy includes 4 important phases.

1. Prevention before the time, until the disease compensation.

2. A comprehensive examination of the entire body and trip to the doctor before pregnancy.

3. Development of an individual diet plan, physical exercise, monitoring of glucose levels in the blood.

4. Courses in the special school planning pregnancy.

Before planning for the future of the child is recommended to attend the following specialists: ophthalmologist - to check the status of the eye and the presence of retinopathy, the presence of this disease it is necessary to choose the appropriate treatment, nephrologist, because pregnancy is a big burden on the liver, the cardiologist - in that case, if the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus was set over 10 years ago.