Buckwheat in diabetes mellitus: treatment, diet and food

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Buckwheat in diabetes mellitusOf all crops and cereals we know the most useful one is buckwheat. It provides iron, calcium, iodine, magnesium and other minerals that are useful for human body. In addition, buckwheat is rich in fiber and vitamins of groups B and R.

The rump fiber and bad-digestible carbohydrates contained in buckwheat do not raise blood sugar levels, so this dietary product can be considered useful to people with diabetes. In addition rutin, which is rich in buckwheat, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, which is very important in diabetes. It strengthens the immune system and improves blood circulation, and lipotropic substances protect the liver from the effects of fat. The use of buckwheat in case of diabetes lies in the fact that it promotes the removal of cholesterol.

Buckwheat with yogurt

For maintenance of buckwheat diet buckwheat crop is filled with boiling water and insisted for the night. There can be from 1% fat yogurt, but do not add salt and other spices. During the day, buckwheat is used in any amount, and yogurt can enjoy only one liter. If you'd like, throughout the day you can eat yogurt with low content of fat. 4 hours before bedtime it is only allowed a cup of yogurt, diluted in half with water. Such a diet is designed for a period of one or two weeks, then patient should take a month break.

Buckwheat diet in diabetes mellitus

Buckwheat crops should be divided into two parts and poured by boiling water and infused it to swell. The first part of the day is over, and the second - for dinner. Under this option, buckwheat diet allows consumption of low-fat yogurt, yogurt and eat apples, drink water in unlimited quantities for patients.

Treatment by buckwheat

In addition, buckwheat is recommended to that patients that have diabetes and obesity, its property beneficial effect on the blood used in diseases such as anemia and leukemia, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and coronary heart disease. Eating buckwheat strengthens blood vessels, helps to increase endurance and muscle strength, and helps to lower the level of cholesterol. Buckwheat is a part of the diet in disease of the pancreas and the gastrointestinal tract; rescues from heartburn (chew a pinch of raw cereals). Buckwheat is used for the treatment of weakened lungs, which softens dry cough and clears the bronchial tubes. To do this, they drink tea steamed buckwheat flowers. Reheated and placed on the back of cereal relieves lower back pain, sore throat, and when stocking with heated buckwheat wrapped around his throat. Another healing property of buckwheat is save of person from boils and abscesses. Be healthy – eat in right way. Good luck.