Brown cane sugar in diabetes

Cane sugar



What is better to eat sugar with diabetes?

Brown cane sugarIn the General case, with mild diabetes can eat any kind of sugar, but to the extent the amount of which is determined by the attending physician (usually 5 % dose of all carbohydrates in a day). It should be noted that eating such products only when the disease is in the stage of compensation. Otherwise, should completely refrain from eating sweet. When a diabetic decides that you can include in your diet a little simple carbs, immediately raises the question about the dosage and about the grades, the negative effect from the consumption of which is minimized. In the article we will talk about why diabetes can eat brown and cane sugar and is there any benefit from these products.


Brown sugar

This product is an untreated sucrose with impurities of molasses molasses (the sugar becomes brown) and other substances. It has more water than other varieties. Molasses makes him very sweet, when the sugar content of 90 to 95 g per 100 g of product, which distinguishes it from refined (~ 99% sucrose). Admixtures are fibres, vegetable, unverified sources even claim the presence of vitamins and antioxidants. In any case, the body is easier to digest such heterogeneous mix, rather than fully pure sugar. But you should beware of fakes. Real brown sugar is an intermediate product of processing sugar cane. And on sale there was a product obtained simply by adding molasses to refined sugar. In fact, it is a refined product like white sugar is a potentially useful substances. It is easy to distinguish from the original: when dissolved in cold water in the precipitate will fall out white sugars, and the syrup will go into solution, turning the water brown. With real brown sugar that won't happen. Note again that the unique properties inherent only to this product, the official science is not marked. But he better refined counterpart because it contains less sucrose. Of the downsides are that the product may contain harmful impurities relatively. Principal differences in its use diabetes no - you need to follow the dosage and calories.


Cane sugar

Brown cane sugar for diabetesIn fact, it is almost as refined sugar, like regular sugar. The difference is minimal. If you just look at the beet sugar and cane compared, it is noticeable that the latter has a slightly brownish tint. This again traces of molasses, but the fundamental difference between brown and regular sugar not.

From this class (it is usually cheaper than beet) in industry are synthetic fructose, which is then used in the preparation of products for diabetics. Otherwise, the unique properties this product has.

However, it can also be used for patients with diabetes. This is not a mere statement and not a statement of a mythical "British scientists". Research International sugar Organization (International Sugar Organization) showed that within the measures prescribed by doctors sugar useful and basically essential for the body. We will present several facts which were made by the researchers. First, a reasonable consumption of sugar contributes combustion weight (the minimum required activity and controlling calorie intake, of course).

Next, sugar is a vital substance for the organism: the nervous system, and prevention atherosclerosis. Sucrose in minimal quantity regulates the activity of the liver and the digestive tract.