Ale-yeast in treatment of diabetes mellitus

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Ale-yeast in treatment of diabetes mellitusNumber of diabetics in whole world is growing every day. Majority of them are people over 40, whose pancreatic gland is incapable to produce hormone insulin. This hormone normalizes level of glucose contained in blood. Artificial insulin costs big money, this is why many diabetics try to facilitate the symptoms and get healed with some other methods.

One of the products, which may improve a diabetic's health condition are yeasts and ale-yeast in particular. They may be found in any chemist's shop. Why is it effective?

The point is one half of yeast consists of proteins, while the other half contains elements and vitamins, which may not be harmful to any healthy man, not mentioning the diabetics. Intake of yeast may improve patient’s metabolism, which is necessary for those who suffer from having of excessive weight. Besides, they promote blood regeneration and normal functioning of liver and also stabilize work of nutrition system. This last aspect is highly important for diabetics because usually they have some limitations on consumption of certain foods and products.

Some hospitals use ale-yeast for treatment of diabetes mellitus and its prophylaxis. It may be used at home after careful study of directions and info about this product. Traditional medicine advises to take it two teaspoons not more than three times a day.

There is one more traditional medicine recipe that involves use of yeast in treatment of diabetes mellitus: it is necessary to take one glass of tomato juice and solve 30 gr of ale-yeast in it. Yeast should get solved well without any residues. Such cocktail is good to drink three times a day. It is considered to be a great method of organism stimulation to producing of insulin in enough quantity.

It is possible to pet oneself with ordinary beer – it has yeast, too. However, patient should avoid an excessive use of beer. The problem stands in alcohol; in big doses it may harm organism, which is weakened by presence of disease. An alcohol in combination with insulin promotes hypoglycaemia that leads to decrease of blood sugar level. This may bring a chance of stroke and even fatal result. Therefore patient should stay alert and be considerate.

Dry yeast is not harmful, instead it helps organism to overcome symptoms of the and manifestations of diabetes mellitus.