Breathing in diabetes mellitus



breath in diabetes mellitusScientists have proved that breathing exercises diabetes contribute to the restoration of the normal state of the immune system and the body as a whole. The essence of their healing effects is that in a situation where the amount of exhaled air exceeds the amount inhaled. This allows the human body to use for normal functioning a smaller amount of oxygen.

With proper breathing exercises cells of the body begin to more fully absorb nutrients from the lymph and blood. Thus the waste products of the cells will be displayed better. In addition, breathing exercises improve the functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems, brain and spinal cord, abdominal organs.

Consider the basic techniques of breathing exercises that you can follow to combat diabetes:


remember that breathing exercises are performed until mild fatigue. When signs of discomfort or fatigue to rest between exercise cycles. In order to achieve a positive effect from breathing exercises diabetes, it should be engaged not less often than every other day. Initially exercises are performed lying, sitting, standing. After you acquire the necessary skills, you can perform them even while walking. If you are unable to manage all the muscle, try to learn how to partially or fully block the throat slit and cut abdominal muscles. Over time the muscles will obey you.

When endogenous respiration increased quantities of energy-carrier of red blood cells increases tenfold. After a few minutes to perform breathing exercises the number of cells that consume glucose, is increased in the same proportion. Each of these cells throughout the lessons, gradually increases the amount of consumption of glucose. However, due to endogenous respiration energy potential, cellular respiration continues for several hours after the class. This explains the healing power of endogenous respiration in the fight against diabetes. Be well and at peace!