Breastfeeding with diabetes

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breastfeeding with diabetesIn the diabetes (an endocrine disease that is expressed in the absolute insulin deficiency) pose a threat to women's health, imposing many restrictions in her life.

Once it became the drug is insulin, a woman who became ill with diabetes, had the opportunity to give birth and to breastfeeding.

To your baby's feedings in a patient with diabetes mellitus mother proceeded successfully, without unpleasant deviations in her health, the constant supervision of an endocrinologist. Lactation very often helps the woman to control the blood sugar level, gradually returning to a state of prenatal diet and insulin therapy.

it is Important to note that insulin, which is forced to take a sick woman, not excreted in the milk and affect the child. Many women, breastfeeding a child, say the reduced need of insulin at this time.

To breastfeeding is not overshadowed by issues, being a woman with a toddler in hospital it is necessary to consider the following points: the child who was born from women with diabetes may be placed in a special chamber for observation. Insist that you be allowed to keep the baby to yourself, but if this is not possible, brought to feeding on demand the baby, not tokarnia his baby food.

Frequent breast feeding is as necessary for the prevention of mastitis in nursing mothers, because diabetic patients are very prone to this disease. If the baby in the hospital give water with glucose, you ask to it was done by using pipette, syringe or from a spoon, not using a pacifier. One of the problems that can occur first lactation is irritated nipples. Take this carefully, perhaps the reason was a yeast infection, which also has diabetes. Although it's possible that it's just a child not properly breastfeed. If you have any unclear questions or concerns that the child takes the breast, immediately consult a lactation consultant.


Diet of lactating mothers

In the first week after birth until the woman's body will adjust to lactation, it is necessary to adjust insulin therapy and diet. With great care to monitor the condition of lactating women. Because breast milk women sweet due to the lactose and seven percent is from carbohydrates, so when feeding there is a big loss carbohydrates. This can cause a sharp decrease in blood sugar and provoke an attack of hypoglycemia (loss of consciousness, coma) Therefore, before each feeding or expressing, nursing mother, suffering from diabetes have to eat fast carbs contained in sweet fruits such as banana or in tea with sugar. Ending lactation also should be phased, in consultation with a doctor who can help adjust the diet and therapy.

Feed your children breast, because the mother's milk reduces the risk of your kid to fall ill with diabetes.