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bread in diabetes mellitusdisease Such as diabetes, long known medicine. Experts clearly identified the diet that patients must adhere to this disease. Many of the products are under a categorical ban, including some types of bread products.

can Significantly improve blood sugar in diabetes white bread and pastries from wheat flour, belonging to the highest grade. They should therefore be excluded from use. What kind of bread diabetes you can eat? Insulin-dependent people allowed to eat rye products, which can include wheat flour, but only the first and second grades. Especially valuable in this disease rye bread with bran, in the preparation of which used whole grain rye. In addition, such a product contains calories 10-15% more than regular rye. Such differences are explained by the fact that whole grain rye is a large amount of food fiber necessary for the prevention of this disease. Also in rye bread contains b vitamins involved in the metabolism and promotes the normal functioning of the blood, and slowly, which is especially valuable fissile carbohydrates.

Numerous studies have confirmed the fact that absolutely all the products, which include rye, are more nutritious. That's why sick after eating the feeling of satiety remains for a long time.

Suffering from excess sugar should be extremely careful when buying bread called "Diabetic" or similarly named. The bulk of it is baked from flour of higher grades, as technologists bakeries hardly are familiar with health restrictions.

the same problems are identified in pasta. Foods that contain carbohydrates, it is very difficult to lead to a single measure. Therefore, nutritionists for diabetics was introduced by the conditional value - bread unit. This figure is, in essence, measuring spoon estimating carbohydrates. One unit contains about 15 grams of carbohydrates.

As you know, forbidden fruit is sweetest, so the doctors allowed patients with diabetes to include in the diet of buns and white bread, but only in exceptional cases (usually those patients who have concomitant diseases of the stomach - gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, etc.). Everyone else should be held to the General rules and to settle for the delicious rye bread with bran.