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Bodybuilding and diabetes. Are they compatible?

Bodybuilding diabetesit is believed that the classes bodybuilding contraindicated in diabetes, regardless of its type, but not all so sad. At least, as the practice shows. For example, if we consider the diet that is recommended for athletes and people with diabetes, you'll find a lot in common.


How to gain muscle mass?

for Example, if you have diabetes, it is recommended to eat small portions 5-6 times per day. It is recommended in the above-mentioned sport loads. In both cases it is essential to consume proteins and complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index.

Weight (muscle) you can gain, but because of dysfunction pancreatic cancer the process of muscle gain will be slower than usual. But that's no reason to stop! Most importantly, responsive to your state of health.


bodybuilding should be avoided, if glucose level in the blood is greater than 250 mg.


Restrictions for diabetics

Bodybuilding diabetesBefore performing strength exercises it is recommended to load the sample.

another important factor is the age of the potential bodybuilder. If the age is above 35 years of age, this can be attributed to risk factors. After 35 years of age, it is very important perform a test of the power lessons with the detection reaction of the body systems and changes blood sugar from exercise. Special attention should be given to work heart.

Note that when bodybuilding increases (and significantly!) load foot, and that all patients with diabetes is a very sensitive spot on your body, being sensitive to the changes. Shoes should be more comfortable.

you first need to monitor their health and consult with your doctor.