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diabetes mellitus is a very widespread in modern life disease. Some people believe that diabetics, because of the characteristics of this disease,Blueberries in diabetes mellitus are forced to eat all savoury. And what about the sweet tooth, for which sweets this is one of the joys of life? Actually, the situation is not as dire, and there are foods that are beneficial for diabetics and sweet at the same time. These include blueberries.

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people suffering from diabetes, a special diet, you can include blueberries. Despite the fact that blueberry is honey berry, she is able to regulate blood sugar levels. This is possible because in this forest the berry contains tannins and glycosides. It is known that if you cook one serving of blueberry sauce, then it does not contain proteins and fats, with minimal carbohydrates. And calories in a serving will be less than two. In addition, in the berries of bilberry contains large amounts of mineral salts and vitamins of different groups.

Blueberries in diabetesIndications for use

it is Known that diabetes often occurs concomitant disease, known as diabetic microangiopathy. It is characterized by changes in the retina that can be stopped and cured of the disease by means of a powder of blueberries. In fact, blueberry powder contains lots of amino acids and retinal, and they, in turn, is able to restore normal circulation and blood flow. And blueberries contain anthocyanosides, which are responsible for stable maintenance of collagen in the cells.

folk medicine there are many recipes infusions and decoctions that help with diabetes, and blueberries are found in them quite often. Official medicine does not recommend self-treatment in diabetes, but acknowledged that many forms of this disease blueberry manifests itself quite effectively.

Blueberry tea, because of its glucose-lowering effect, indicated for such complications of diabetes as retinopathy and neuropathy. And these complications often provoke vision loss in diabetic patients. In addition, if you drink blueberry tea without adding sugar, it will not adversely affect the level of insulin in the blood. Perhaps this is the perfect drink, especially for non-insulin-dependent diabetics.

no wonder the Blueberry has been marked by our ancestors as an extremely powerful berry with healing properties. And even with such serious diseases as diabetes, it can make a significant contribution.