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Readings of blood sugarpeople with diabetes know that they need not only regular supervision of a physician, but also a constant self-monitoring of sugar levels. Why? Yes because such people have in the blood was periodically observed pattern of fluctuation of sugar levels. So let's in order.


What is sugar level in a healthy person?

first we need to clarify what a person's age does not affect blood sugar levels. Therefore, rules for all people the same. Fasting level of sugar in capillary blood of a healthy person from 3.2 to 5.5 mol/ L. After eating sugar may rise to 7.8 mol/L. the Level of venous blood taken on an empty stomach is slightly higher, of the order of 6.1 mol/ L.


What is sugar level in a patient with diabetes?

the rate of sugar in diabetes mellitusDiabetes, regardless of its type, contributes to the increase of sugar level. Therefore, the amount of glucose in the blood it is impossible to establish the type of disease. The type of diabetes, usually determined by a specially designed diagnostic scheme.

About the presence of diabetes suggests normal blood taken on an empty stomach.

the Critical level, indicating the existence of a disease:

- if capillary blood sampling is from 6.1 mol/L.
- at the bottom of the venous blood from 7.0 mol/L.

an hour after eating the level is increased to 10.0 mol/L. After two hours - up to 8.0 mol/L. sugar Before bedtime as a rule, is reduced to 6.0 mol/L.

in addition, there is an intermediate state of glucose, referred to as "pre diabetes". Among these are the sugar level within the range from 5.5 to 6.0 mol/L.


Can diabetes be detected in a pregnant woman?

indicator of the level of sugar in the bloodYes, of course. The disease doctors call gestational diabetes. To detect blood sampling is carried out on an empty stomach. About the presence of the disease by the following indicators:

1. Fasting:
The level of capillary blood from a 5.0 mol/L.
The level of venous blood from 5.0 mol/L.

2. One hour after meals:
The level of capillary blood from 10.0 mol/L.
The level of venous blood from 9.5 mol/L.

3. 2 hours after meals:
The level of capillary blood from 8.5 mol/l.
The level of venous blood from 7.8 mol/L.


How often to measure your blood sugar?

blood sugarthe Frequency of sugar depends on the type of disease. Thus, a patient with diabetes first type it is recommended to check the sugar every time before entering insulin injection and before bedtime.

In some situations, such as deterioration of health, while dramatically changing the rhythm of everyday life, pregnancy or stress transferred control of the sugar levels carry out a bowl.

for diabetes second type control of the sugar levels perform in the morning, before bedtime and an hour after eating.

Remember, sugar is a major factor for a person suffering from diabetes, so controlling it should be regularly and strictly at a certain time.