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blood sugar during the dayduring the day the sugar that enters the blood, is consumed by the tissues. Its level is very volatile and normally varies from 8.0 to 3.5 mmol/l the morning before Breakfast amount of sugar is very low, after Breakfast, he climbs to the lunch high. Glucose is partially consumed, partially turns into glycogen, thereby falling. Then glycogen is cleaved to compensate for the lack of energy. Pre-dinner hunger accounted for the low rate of the lower limit of normal to the curve, and after dinner we again observed growth curve. The same thing happens at a certain time period from lunch until dinner. This happens on a daily basis.

As has become clear, each meal throughout the day leads to increased levels of glucose, which is absorbed in the gut from the incoming food. Getting glucose, the body begins to store energy in the molecules of glycogen. Because of the blood a large quantity of sugar cannot be reserved, and the energy is consumed all the time during the day, in addition to the formation of glycogen the energy source in case of need can be proteins or other non-carbohydrate sources. This method of energy regeneration is called gluconeogenesis. All these processes are tightly controlled by hormones, the development of which varies depending on the level of glucose in the blood.

a Particularly important hormones in the curve of daily fluctuations are glucagon and insulin produced by the pancreas. Insulin affects the following:


the Normal operation of insulin depends on the ratio of the amount of glucose in the blood, and the activity of the receptors on the cells insulinchuvstvitelnyh. Violations of these conditions will result in a change curve of the daytime blood sugar. But if it suddenly starts to miss, the body begins producing cortisol, growth hormone and epinephrine. There are four hormone, which compensate for the lack of sugar, but only one hormone - insulin combats high levels. In this visual example it becomes clear how important for our body is glucose, especially for the brain. Looking at the curve of sugar throughout the day, drawing attention to the fact that the increase occurs at a larger digital value than his demotion.