Black cumin and diabetes mellitus, treatment with oil

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black cumin diabetes mellitusBlack cumin is a powerful natural healing tool that is widely used in folk medicine, mainly in the Arab countries. Black cumin seeds, which is known in Russia as "Nigella" is used in Asia and the Middle East since ancient times. It is used as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, reducing agent immune disorders and even cancer in medicine.

Often treatment is carried out black seed oil is an oil extract from the seeds of a plant, but are also used in infusions and powders. Modern medicine has already recognized the positive effects of this plant in the treatment of cancer and chronic diseases such as rheumatism, chronic inflammatory processes in the intestine, and tuberculosi diabetes.

to prevent the development of diabetes should follow a special diet and to use black cumin seeds as a preventive effect on the immune and endocrine system. For prevention you need to cut ten grams of the seeds, mix with a tablespoon of honey and eat in the morning on an empty stomach one hour before meals.

To treat diabetes with black cumin there are several schemes of admission.

  1. a Glass of crushed cumin seeds thoroughly mixed with a half Cup of watercress seeds, a tablespoon of medical bile, a Cup of ground pomegranate peel, a glass of the dried and ground root of cabbage and a tablespoon of the plant Ferula asafoetida. This composition is to take a tablespoon on an empty stomach with kefir.
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  3. Glass seed plants mixed with a Cup of watercress seeds, half Cup of ground pomegranate peel. The composition is ground in a coffee grinder to a powder and take during the month in the morning before eating a half teaspoon of powder along with a teaspoon of black cumin oil.
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  5. 10 tablespoons of seeds grind them and take half a teaspoon morning and evening, drinking a few SIPS of water.
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  7. Mix a Cup of seed plants with a glass flower cress and half Cup of dry powdered peel of pomegranate. Grind in a coffee grinder. Take one tablespoon before meals.

Preferably 2-3 months to alternate fees, not to cause addiction and reduce the healing effect. Also in addition to the treatment of black cumin diabetes can add herbs that will enhance therapy effectiveness.

Improvement with this treatment is usually appears in three to four weeks and is persistent and long-lasting effect.