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diabetes cookiesAs you know, when diabetes banned products from fancy pastry, pastries and cakes. But what about cookies? Here not all so is unambiguous, but even in this disease can not deny yourself the treats, if you do it wisely.

first of All, in today's market there is a wide range of products for diabetics including cookies. You can find them in major supermarkets, specialty stores, some pharmacies (e.g., hospitals or clinics), as well as in the Internet. Cookies with fructose or sorbitol is quite diverse, and it will be interesting not only diabetics, but also watching her figure people. The disadvantage of this option is taste: many people don't like such sweets, sugary losing their "brothers". Also, do not accidentally on diabetic products is written "use as directed by a doctor": it is necessary to consult with your doctor because of several types of diabetes and each has its own nuances in the diet.

secondly, are suitable for diabetics some varieties of biscuits that are sold in regular stores. This, for example, familiar "disk" or "cracker", containing not more than 45-55 grams of carbohydrates. In any case, remember: treats should not be butter, fat, or contain sugar; the seller always tells you that the available products meet these criteria.

Finally, cookies for diabetes, you can delight yourself with some cooking skills. Simple cooking can be called, for example, "air biscuits". Need to thick foam, beat egg whites, sugar the weight saccharin and portions spread on ungreased sheet. The sweetness is baked at a moderate temperature of the oven, then you need to give the finished product to dry.

Another sweet dish in diabetes that will be easy to prepare even the most inexperienced cook - an analog of oatmeal cookies without flour. 2 eggs, whisk with the xylitol dissolved in water tablets Rio or other sweetener. Then 100 g of softened margarine, mix with 3 cups of oat flakes, salt, add to taste lemon zest, vanilla. Finally, the resulting mass must be mixed with the beaten eggs. Constantly about half an hour the dough with a spoon, spread the slices on a baking sheet, greased. This baked oatmeal cookies before the purchase of brown color.