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pregnancy diabetesCan you procreate diabetes, the question that asks himself every woman who has them. When the doctor diagnosed "diabetes mellitus", plans about the birth and upbringing of the child gradually go by the wayside.

But in vain. Having a healthy baby and not to give him this disease it is possible. Previously, many doctors, including gynecologists, believed that if the mother is sick with diabetes it is better not to give birth. Many experts maintained that every kid born into a family where one of the parents is sick, the diabetes will inherit this serious illness. To date, scientists have proved that it is not so.

If diabetes hurt the baby's mother, the probability of transfer of inherited diabetes, approximately 2 %, but if the disease is observed in father - 5%. But, if you are sick as a mother and a father, the possibility of transmission of the disease reaches 25%. To the decision to give birth to girls with this disease must be approached very responsibly.

first, the girl just can't make a baby.

secondly, the child may be born with numerous conditions.

And, thirdly, childbirth can seriously affect the health and well-being of the mother.

But in spite of all possible difficulties women may give birth in this disease, but they are definitely the entire period of pregnancy should be under the strict supervision of doctors. Only in this case, the woman may make and painlessly give birth to a child.

diabetes parents must plan pregnancy for 3-4 months before planned conception in order to compensate for the disease. If all the pregnancy is progressing favorably and compensated diabetes mellitus, childbirth can be conducted in a timely manner. But, if diabetes is not compensated enough and there are some complications during pregnancy in this cases experts conduct a preterm birth at 37 weeks.

Quite often women who suffer this disease like diabetes births carried out by caesarean section. Best solution pregnant women suffering from diabetes, will be the selection of a specialized hospital-based multidisciplinary clinic. In such circumstances, the mother is not only under the close supervision of an endocrinologist, but can also receive consultations from other specialists.

During the childbirth and the postpartum period it is necessary to measure the level of glucose in the blood. Only under the constant supervision of blood sugar patients administered insulin or glucose. Newborn babies are under close medical supervision of a neonatologist. Babies and also control the level of sugar in the blood, because these children may develop hypoglycemia.


Reviews parous patients with diabetes mellitus.

23 Marina: I suffer from diabetes for 14 years, but despite my illness, I was able to have a healthy baby. But, of course with the help of qualified professionals.

Anastasia 35 years: Very long time to get pregnant, the doctors said it is because I suffer from diabetes, but I did not despair and continued to try and with the help of doctors I could still not only get pregnant but also give birth to a healthy baby.

Thus, pregnancy is an important test for the health of every woman, especially the woman who suffers from diabetes. To accomplish such a pregnancy, the woman needs to fulfil all the recommendations of an endocrinologist.