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Modern blood analyzer, produced by the Italian manufacturer, is a new system for the efficient and accurate control of blood glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol levels. This information allows the patient to take timely action and to reduce their rates in case of a dangerous increase.

Description of glucometer MultiCare

MultiCare Glucose level meter The device is lightweight and it has compact size, also it is easy to use for people of various ages thanks to it simplicity. A set of basic and advanced features created set of enthusiastic reviews of lucky owners of this device. Users like accuracy of measurements, speed of analysis and small amount of blood used in the process. Darkens the impression about this device only the cost of used by it test strips.

MultiCare can help control blood in three ways in home conditions without need to visit of clinic. For complete analysis of one drop of blood is enough, after that for running of another test you need only to change the test strip. Additional convenience is provided by wide and large display. Displayed on it numbers and symbols have sufficient size to normal reading of them by people with low vision, which is especially important for people of old age.

Test strips for glucometer MultiCare

Multicare test strips For tests you can apply only the strips, produced specially for MultiCare. A complete and high-quality work is provided by the use of three types of test strips: for glucose, which are packed 50 pieces, for cholesterol - to 25 pieces and triglycerides - 10 pieces. They cost about 650, 1,440 and 1,450 rubles for each type (price per package). Prices in different stores can vary, sometimes quite seriously. Test strips, like glucometer itself can be purchased at the municipal, private or Internet pharmacies in any city.

Blood sampling & collecting using special lancets

Blood sampling for analysis is the traditional and is performed with use of special lancets. They are small and puncture in the finger pad almost painless, and then a small amount of blood should be squeezed out to the test strip. Inserting of a test strip automatically turns on the device and pressing of a special reset button removes it from the meter. The measurement result is stored in internal memory of device, amount of which is much larger than most similar analyzers have.

Price & where to buy.

Glucometer MultiCare costs around 130 dollars, and it is reliable helper for patients with diabetes and for those who have problems with lipid metabolism.