Berries in diabetes mellitus, what berries are allowed and useful?

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berries in diabetes mellitus treatment The patients suffering from diabetes mellitus must understand that they cannot eat all foods that other people eat. This is the reason why nutritionists and other doctors are working out special diets for every day, taking in account the particularities of every separate organism of any patient. In case of this particular disease one of important role belongs to berries. Of course, all berries are different and not all of them are equally useful and important for patients that suffer from diabetes mellitus. Thus, nutritionists recommend such patients to add to their diets berries with low level of carbohydrates, but same time that are rich in diet food fiber, vitamins and carotene.

Talking about diet for people with diabetes mellitus and those berries (fruits) that patient has to eat, it is necessary to look at sour and sweet kinds of berries. The critical point is patient’s ability to count the daily dose of carbohydrates contained in all foods and in consumed berries too.

What berries should be eaten and what of them should be given up? This is an eternal question to all diabetics. Among our favorite berries and fruits the useful ones are cherry, red currant, blackberry, wild strawberry, cranberry, melon, blueberry, strawberry. It is possible to enjoy oranges, lemons, peaches and apricots in limited quantities. At the same time it is necessary to exclude grapes, date plums, figs, raisins, dates and bananas from diet. In addition, patient may eat not only fresh fruits and berries, but also patient can mix them with yogurt (fat free preferable).

One of the most popular berries for the diabetics is cherry, because it has low level of carbohydrates. Moreover, it has a lot of antioxidants, which are good in domain of prophylaxis of cancer and heart problems. The same qualities have apricots because only one apricot fruit contains just 4 gr of easy digestible carbohydrates. Among the apricot ingredients there is food fiber in its composition, which is highly useful for the diabetics. Apples (especially red ones) are also very useful for diabetics, because in addition to diet food fiber they also contain vitamin C. Apple peel has a lot of antioxidants, therefor it is better to eat unpeeled apples.

The key feature of any berries and fruits in the diet of diabetics is the option to eat them in combination with other useful foods.